The Blowing & Drifting of Snow Continues!

Posted at 4:43 AM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 11:06:49-05

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY remains in effect until 11 am today for eastern portions of Cascade County and all of Judith Basin County for Blowing and Accumulating snow.

The blowing of snow will continue to be an issue for today. A winter weather advisory will remain in effect until 11 am today for areas including; Belt, Denton, Stanford, Raynesford, and Geyser. The wind will intensify for the entire state, and a cold front will bring light snow showers. As the day goes on, the clouds will start to break apart, and the sun will make its way in. Today, portions of the state will be partly cloudy and windy. The temperatures will remain mild into Saturday. Saturday's high temperatures will reach the 30's, and 40's again. Tomorrow the state will have mountain snow showers and windy conditions, but tomorrow will not be as windy as today. Sunday, another cold front will move through the state with a widespread of snow showers. The snow showers will be light and will not leave much-accumulating snow in the lower elevations, but the mountains will see several inches of snow. The snow showers will continue into Presidents' Day.

Enjoy your day,

Asia Raye😊