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The Taylor Swift effect? Kelce becomes No. 1 trending dog name in US

Rover has released its list of the most popular dog names in the U.S., and Kelce tops the trending category.
The Taylor Swift effect? Kelce becomes No. 1 trending dog name in US
Posted at 7:22 PM, Nov 15, 2023

Did Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the map? Dog owners may have just given the infamous TikTok question a more concrete answer — or there are just many more football fans this year.

A new report from pet-sitting site Rover says "Kelce" is the No. 1 trending dog name in America this year, up 135% compared to last year.

The site says the uptick is likely inspired by the Kelce brothers' relationship — after both Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and his older brother Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce's teams played in the Super Bowl last year — as well as the Chiefs player's exciting new relationship with Taylor Swift.

Swift's first appearance at a Chiefs game spawned a flurry of new NFL viewers as well as a spike in Instagram followers for the singer's new beau.

But there also could be more to the story than just a brotherly bond or a budding relationship.

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The two brothers' podcast, "New Heights," has also literally reached new heights in popularity recently, climbing up to No. 1 on audio charts.

Plus, Jason Kelce was the subject of an Amazon Prime documentary titled "Kelce," which documented his 2022 season, including the brothers' Super Bowl. It ranked in the streaming service's top 10.

There's also the Momma Kelce of it all. Jason and Travis' mom Donna became a star last Super Bowl season when she began starring in national ads and talk show segments all about what it's like to have two sons battling it out for the Bowl.

Other sporty dog names are also on the rise, with tributes to NBA stars Trae Young and Nikola Jokic's first names rising 222% and 147%, respectively. Dunn, after U.S. Women's National Soccer Team defender Crystal Dunn, is also up 147%. And on the teams side, the name Celtic is up 364%, Mariner up 131% and Eagle is up 114%.

But Kelce still doesn't even break the top 100 dog names, and there's big news in that regard: The name Max has been dethroned as the most popular dog name after 10 years. Now, the No. 1 pick is Charlie, and No. 1 for female dogs is Luna.

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