A Sloppy Spring Storm Is Heading This Way!

Posted at 4:46 AM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 10:07:10-04

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY has been issued Little Belt Mountains and the Rocky Mountain Front for Wednesday night into Thursday.

A HIGH WIND WATCH has been issued for south-central Montana for Wednesday night into Thursday.

A WIND ADVISORY has been issued for areas west of the Continental Divide for Wednesday evening.

The temperatures will start off mild, but the clouds will increase, and Pacific moisture will move through western Montana during the afternoon. By mid-afternoon, a few isolated thunderstorms will begin to develop. A cold front will pass; the temperatures will start to cool, and the wind will intensify. As colder air moves into the state, the snow levels will lower below mountain pass level into tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will start messy; we will have more cloud cover, cool temperatures, and the snow showers will continue to fly in the mountains of central and southern Montana. Several inches of snow will accumulate in the mountains, and the mountain passes will get a couple inches of snow. The mountain passes roads will have slush and will be slippery. The high temperatures will stay in the '50s aside from West Yellowstone temperatures will remain in the upper '40s. By the late afternoon, the system will move out. Friday, the sun will return, and the temperatures will trend in the '50s and '60s until another cold front passes and bring isolated thunderstorms later in the day. A High -pressure will move in and create mostly sunny skies for the state. The temperatures will be seasonal for most of the state. Areas in easter Montana temperatures will stay in the '40s and '50s.

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