Two words to describe today, Windy and Warm!

Posted at 5:46 AM, Apr 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-21 10:24:17-04

The wake-up temperatures for around the Treasure State are all above freezing, aside from a few areas in southwest Montana. With the wake-up temperatures being above freezing today is setting up to be an overall beautiful day. A high-pressure system will create sunny skies for today. The high temperatures will be above average, and most of the state temperatures will trend in the mid to upper '60s in central Montana, and the low '70s in eastern Montana. But with the sunny skies and warmer temperatures, today will come with gusty winds. West wind will gust between 20-50 mph. Tomorrow will start off similar to today warm and windy, but by the afternoon, the clouds will increase, and pacific moisture will make its way into the state. Evening showers will develop along with an isolated thunderstorm. With the temperatures dropping, the rain showers will transition to snow showers for the mountain during the overnight hours. Thursday, the state will have a little of everything; gusty winds, areas of sun, clouds, a mix of rain/snow showers, mountain snow showers, and you may even hear a few rumbles of thunder. The temperatures will drop into the low to mid-'50s. Northeast Montana temperatures will stay in the low '60s. Friday, the sun will return, but a few clouds will still linger along with showers in the afternoon. The mountains will yet again have flakes fly. By the weekend, the temperatures will slightly warm to average.

Enjoy your day,

Asia Raye😊