Uptown businesses save Butte's Christmas Stroll from cancellation

Posted at 5:46 PM, Nov 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-09 19:46:25-05

BUTTE — Even though the group that organizes Butte’s annual Christmas Stroll canceled some major events, Uptown businesses said, "The Stroll will go on."

“And everyone said, ‘yeah, we can,’ and ‘yeah, I think I can,’ and ‘I’ll do this,’ and ‘I’ll do that,’ and all the sudden it’s kind of, it’s still in the works a lot of these ideas, but it could quite possibly be bigger and better than it’s ever been,” said Jon Wick, co-owner of 5518 Designs.

MainStreet Uptown Butte canceled the tree lighting event in the courthouse and the parade due to Covid-19 concerns. As a result local businesses, the Butte Chamber of Commerce, and others got together to organize a reimagined Christmas Stroll. It’s an event that’s important to the Uptown economy.

“They need this to survive, they need their sales, they need people in their stores, they need people shopping locally,” said Chamber of Commerce Director Stephanie Sorini.

On the evening of Dec. 3, Uptown businesses will have specials and activities. Santa Claus is expected to make an appearance near Butte Stuff and the Miner’s Hotel.

The operator of North 46 Degrees Bistro plans to host a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in their front yard.

“And I’m just like a little kid, I’m a sucker for a big, beautiful Christmas tree, so I wanted to make sure that would happen,” said the owner of North 46 Degrees Bistro Casey McConnell.

The pandemic was not the only hardship for Uptown businesses. The iconic M&M building, a major draw to Uptown, was destroyed in a tragic fire last year, bringing many Uptown businesses together.

“Yeah, we all want to be moving forward, we all want each other successful, and we’re all cheering for each other and we’re all looking for ways to help each other out and be a part of it all,” said Wick.