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Age in America: Older adults utilizing technology to make workouts 'easy'

The EGYM uses artificial intelligence to create customized training plans.
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Posted at 10:50 AM, Jun 20, 2024

The stereotype that older people don't know how to use technology is not exactly accurate. AARP found that nearly all people over 50 years old use smartphones and wearable devices on a daily basis.

Mark LaClaire, director of lifestyle with Kolter Homes, helps older adults work out by using an EGYM that uses technology to help them stay in shape. The technology is similar to Fitbit but goes a step further by using artificial intelligence to create customized training plans.

"We found over the last few years that our active adult communities are fully savvy on technology," he said. "So we found a way to partner with EGYM at all our Cresswind communities and our fitness centers and provide that technology to them to make workouts more fun, more easy, more no-fuss."

Cresswind resident Carla Maxwell Ray is among those using the technology. She said her busy lifestyle sometimes only allows her 20 minutes to get in a workout. 

She said the technology allows her to track things like her strength, flexibility, endurance and capability to respond. And since the technology uses AI, it can help her customize her workouts when she is pressed for time.

"It has absolutely energized my fitness regimen," she said. "And the thing that I like most is it's customized. So when you come in, you just do that and adjust."

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