Warmer Chinook Wind Pushes Out Arctic Air

Posted at 5:58 PM, Feb 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-19 21:04:21-05

This winter has been nothing like last winter but there still have been some very cold nights. -35 in Scobey for the second straight week is nothing to scoff at. After that chilly start for much of the state, Wednesday's weather was brilliant with sunshine, clear skies and fairly calm conditions. As high pressure moves across Montana over the next few days the clear skies will continue for much of Big Sky into the weekend. There will be some changes though with wind increasing across the prairies as a chinook develops. That downsloping wind will warm temperatures up into the 40s over the next several days. The valley locations will have minor inversions that will keep temperatures slightly cooler, but overall the weather will remain very nice for this time of year. The start of the weekend will be partly cloudy and mild with strong wind over the plains. The next storm system will approach on Sunday with increasing clouds and some snow showers starting to spread across western and central Montana. Snow will move through much of the state on Sunday night and Monday as stormy weather returns to the state. A light accumulation of up to a few inches is possible in the lower elevations. The mountains will receive several inches to more than a foot in some locations, as has been the pattern through most of this winter. Northeast Montana could have blizzard-like conditions with reduced visibility on Monday. Snow showers and colder temperatures will continue through Tuesday. An active storm track will continue through the end of February into March. Winter is not over with yet.
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Curtis Grevenitz