All-Time Record Hottest Temperatures to be Challenged

Posted at 6:59 PM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 22:57:26-04

Not only are record highs for the date likely, but the all-time hottest temperature ever recorded for some Montana towns will be challenged later this week.  A ridge of high pressure will continue to allow heat and dry air to expand throughout the West over the next several days.  Fortunately, there will not be much in the way of wind until the weekend.  Until then, temperatures will continue to heat up for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Wednesday will be a very hot day with highs for most towns well up into the 90s.  Skies will be smoky and hazy, but the wind will be light.  Thursday will be sunny, hazy and very hot.  A few locations will come close to 100 degrees, while other towns reach the 90s.  Some record highs may be set on Thursday.  Friday will be the hottest day of the week and potentially all year long.  Highs will climb to between 100-105 for many towns, with afternoon readings coming close to the all-time record hot temperature ever recorded.   Record highs for the date will be set, but some towns will come a few degrees away from the all-time records.  A cold front will move through the state with temperatures slowly cooling on Saturday.  Gusty wind will also increase with the front on Saturday, which will likely make for the most dangerous fire weather conditions yet this year.  Speaking of wildfire, expect Montana fires to grow the next few days in the high heat.  Saturday will offer more explosive growth potential with the combination of the heat and wind.  Cooler temperatures and calm conditions will move in for Sunday, making for a much nicer day.

Plan on finding ways to stay cool the next few days as this will likely be the hottest weather of the year.

Curtis Grevenitz

Chief Meteorologist