Wildfires Grow, Season Not Over Yet

Posted at 8:22 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 22:32:57-04

Wildfire season 2018 has not been nearly as bad as last year, but it’s not over yet.  The Howe Ridge Fire in Glacier National Park has grown several hundred acres over the last few days.  The Gold Hill Fire north of Libby has also grown 200-300 acres.  Other fires burning in western Montana include the Goldstone and Beaver Creek down near Beaverhead County, which have only grown between 10-40 acres each over the last several days.  Fire season continues as does summer with warm temperatures in the 80s likely the next several days.  Also back in the forecast – thunderstorms.  Isolated thunderstorms will move through the next several afternoons into the weekend.  Most locations will NOT have a thunderstorm move directly overhead, but thunderstorms will be out there the next few days.  Friday will be a breezy and hot day with low humidity, and the fire danger will continue.  Saturday, a cold front will move through the state with scattered thunderstorms and strong west winds gusting up to 40mph.  Saturday will be a high fire danger day as well.  Sunday will be a very nice late summer day with highs in the 70s under mostly sunny skies, and less wind.  Pleasant late summer weather will continue into next week.  However without any big rainstorms in the forecast, fire danger and the season will carry on.

Have a great day!

Curtis Grevenitz