-48 in Minnesota this morning. Montana’s turn is coming.

Posted at 6:53 PM, Jan 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-30 20:57:25-05

The brutal and deadly polar airmass that has struck much of the Plains, Great Lakes and Northeast continues to bring the coldest temperatures in years to that region.  This airmass will modify over the next few days and retreat back into Canada.  However, another polar airmass will head toward the lower 48 this weekend with Montana directly in its path.  Conditions developing on Sunday will be “real Montana winter” weather.  Until then, enjoy the relative warmth and quiet.  Thursday through Saturday will be mild, partly cloudy, and a little windy across the prairies.  Saturday night, an arctic front from Canada will drop south into Big Sky Country.  At the same time, moisture from the Pacific will move toward Montana as well.  Sunday will be a snowy and cold day across the state.  Temperatures will fall through the 20s and 10s, into the 0s and -0s by late in the day.  From Sunday into midweek, a polar airmass will settle right over the northern Rockies.  Highs will likely be in the 0s and -0s, with lows as cold as -20 to -30.  Wind chills could drop to between -20 and -40.  Additionally, snow will fall through the state on Sunday, Monday into Tuesday, and then again on Wednesday.  This is a severe weather situation for the state that there is time to prepare for.  Get ready, it’s coming.

Curtis Grevenitz