Spring is in the Air for the Final Weekend of Winter

Posted at 6:21 PM, Mar 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-15 20:34:57-04

Spring is right around the corner.  Temperatures have modified some, getting closer to average.  Sunshine graced most of the state.  The higher angle of the sun is allowing for more melting even though temperatures have been below freezing.  Watch for refreezing and icy spots overnight and into the morning before the temperatures warm.  The weather pattern responsible for historic cold this winter has broken, allowing a return to near “normal” conditions for a change.  The final weekend of winter looks great, with a mix of sun and clouds on Saturday.  Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day and a weak disturbance may bring more clouds and a few snow showers to the mountains.  This storm will not accumulate much if any at all.  The final days of winter next week will be mostly sunny and dry with near normal temperatures.  The first day of spring, Wednesday will be a sunny and beautiful start to the new season.  With a considerable amount of snow on the ground, a slow warmup is desirable regarding flooding.  Low lying areas will likely see water increasing as we head into spring.  Flooding will be the next big weather concern.  With temperatures warming into the 50s for the first few days of spring, the melting and runoff will be accelerated.

Have a great weekend.

Curtis Grevenitz