Flooding Frenzy and a Spring Snowstorm

Posted at 6:59 PM, Mar 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-26 20:59:23-04

Flooding has been a major issue here in Montana over the last several days.  Flooding is cresting right now on many of the rivers and streams.  As much of the snow on the ground has melted recently, the source of water is drying up so to speak.  Thus the water levels are forecasted to slowly recede the next few days.  However, a new storm moving in will produce moderate to heavy snow accumulation in the central and southern areas of the state.  Mountain locations such as the Crazies, Tobacco Roots, Beartooths and Absorkas could have accumulations up 24″ of snow.  This next storm moves in on Wednesday with some mixed rain and snow in the lower elevations of southwestern Montana, especially around Helena, Butte and Bozeman.  Snow will fly in the mountains of southwest Montana.  Precipitation will move north and east through the evening hours.  As temperatures cool Wednesday night, the mix of rain and snow in the lower elevations will change to all snow.  A few inches will accumulate by Thursday morning, making the commute a little slippery and slushy.  Snow will fly for much of Thursday south of a line from Cut Bank to Great Falls to Lewistown.  Snow will be heavier from Butte to Helena down to Bozeman.  Snow will taper off to snow showers by Friday morning.  Friday afternoon the sun should break through the clouds but not before a new coating of snow is on the ground.  Saturday will be a nicer, sunny and warmer day for most of the state.  Sunday will be partly cloudy with a few isolated rain/snow showers in the afternoon.  Yet another storm will produce rain and snow on Monday into Tuesday, with several inches accumulating in the lower elevations.  Although more rain and snow is not good news for the flooding situation, temperatures will remain cool especially at night which will low the melting process.

Have a great day.

Curtis Grevenitz