Severe Storm Threat Increases This Weekend

Posted at 6:30 PM, Jul 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-05 20:36:44-04

It seems like thunderstorms have hit the state each day for more than a month, and the stormy stretch will continue this weekend.  It’s not all bad, as in between the thunderstorms the weather has been fantastic for early July.  The pattern this weekend will be sunny and quiet to start in the morning, with thunderstorms developing over the mountains in the afternoon.  The storms will strengthen as they move northeast through the afternoon and evening.  Not everyone will get hit and not every thunderstorm will be severe, but a few thunderstorms will become very powerful with large hail and damaging wind.  Talk about a way to ruin an afternoon of outdoor activities if you get caught in a storm.  Highs will be a little warmer, in the 70s and 80s.  Next week will start off cooler than normal with scattered showers and thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday, but a drying and warming trend will ensue later in the week.  The hottest weather of the year so far is likely to develop with highs warming into the 80s and 90s throughout the state late in the week.  Thunderstorms are still possible, but they will become more scarce.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Curtis Grevenitz