Hot & Smoky with a side of Spotty T-Storms

Posted at 5:59 AM, Aug 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-24 10:11:30-04

The temperatures today will remain hot, and smoky skies will linger over the region, as an upper-level wind flow pulls smoke from the southwest from ongoing wildfires in California. The highs will climb to the upper 80s and 90s, but an increase in cloud cover, smoke, and haze will decrease solar heating and may hold the temperatures back a few degrees. The air quality has gone back and forth from good to moderate in central Montana, and a few towns in southwest Montana air have stayed at an unhealthy for sensitive group rate. That alone could be a problem for groups who have heart and respiratory issues. The wind will pick up during the afternoon. Isolated dry storms will develop in southwest Montana and can spill into central Montana.

Tomorrow the region will have a better chance of widespread showers. A large portion of the state is at a marginal risk for storms. The biggest threat to tomorrow's system will be strong wind, small hail, and frequent lightning. A cold front will pass and assist with the temperatures cooling down 10-15 degrees.

Wednesday, another round of storms is likely for the region, and the temperatures will remain in the 80s.

Thursday through Saturday, the temperatures will stay in the 80s. The region will have clear to mostly sunny skies.

Sunday is when the state is expected to get 20 degrees cool down.

Always remember, if working outside, make sure you take breaks, drink plenty of water, try to minimize sun exposure, and finally NEVER leave children disabled adults or pets in a parked car. Also, keep in mind any fire can ignite quickly and easily, and spread rapidly under these dry and breezy conditions.

Have a great day, A.R.😊