Last March Snowstorm, I Promise

Snow Forecast Cities.png
Posted at 5:09 PM, Mar 29, 2023

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect from southwest Montana, up along the Rocky Mountain Front, and out across central Montana through Thursday.

The end of March is this weekend, so there is not much more March snow in the forecast. It's March, it's Montana, it's a snowy time of year. Snow will develop for much of the state south of the Hi-Line through Wednesday night. Snow will be widespread on Thursday morning with a general 1-3" falling in the lower elevations. Some of the higher terrain could see upwards of 6". Snow will be heavier farther south in the state and will taper off from north to south late in the day. Roads in the higher terrain will likely get snow covered, but with the high sun angle this time of year, even through the clouds and snow, the snow will likely melt during the day on the asphalt surface. Highs will be in the 20s and 30s. Friday will be a warmer but windy day. Highs will climb into the 40s to around 50 under partly cloudy skies. There will be a few snow showers over and near the mountains. Southwest wind will start to pick up across the plains and the Continental Divide, gusting higher than 40mph. Saturday is April 1st and this is no April Fools joke. Highs will be milder but still below average by a few degrees. A cold front will cross the state with the chance of mixed rain/snow showers in the lower elevations and snow in the mountains. Snow squalls and even a few rumbles of thunder are possible. Strong west wind will howl across the entire state making it uncomfortable to be outside. Scattered snow showers, strong wind and below average temperatures will continue for Sunday. Most of the lower elevations will be partly cloudy at least. Yet another snowstorm is possible Monday through Tuesday and accumulation could be significant again. Looking ahead to around Easter Weekend that's when some warmer air is likely to finally move across the West and Montana.

Curtis Grevenitz
Chief Meteorologist