Out The Gate In Smoke

Beginning the workweek with poor air quality
Posted at 10:06 AM, Sep 12, 2022

A much welcomed cool off is in store for Monday as temperatures will range from the mid 70s to 80s in central Montana. The western side of the state continues to deal with air quality issues as their proximity to fires is much closer. Quite a bit of smoke will make it's way into central Montana Monday as well. This will not only tank our air quality but it will limit long range visibility. Mostly cloudy skies across the Bitteroot Valley will make air quality worse for that part of the state. Though skies here in Central Montana should be a bit clearer (cloud wise) smoke will make the day seem the opposite of that Big Sky feeling. Parts of the Northern Rocky Mountain Front may see a few isolated and brief showers Monday night, while southwestern Montana will most likely see decent rain arrive late in the evening and into Tuesday morning. As showers make their way into central Montana Tuesday, it appears to be trending in a more linear event, so they most likely will be a bit shorter in duration while being a bit stronger. Showers persist into Wednesday morning but cloud cover and rain both dissipate as the day rolls along, providing a break into Thursday. Mostly cloudy to cloudy skies will build across Montana for Thursday, this day is leaning more towards the rain side of things and not so much in the storm direction, though a few thunderstorms could develop. As always: A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.
Be nice to each other.
- Meteorologist Trey Tonnessen -