Rainy and Cool(er) Moving Forward

Rainy and Cool(er) Moving Forward
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Posted at 8:19 AM, Sep 14, 2022

As many of you have noted over the past few days, the smoke and air quality issues have been quite annoying and pressing as of late. You'll get no disagreements on my end about that, however, over here in the weather department we have some great news to slide your way. It seems we will finally begin a more permanent trend towards somewhat average conditions and feeling for this time of year, by the weekend. First, we'll begin to see a bit of relief from smoke and air quality issues across the state Wednesday morning as slight showers and a few isolated thunderstorms press their way across Montana. These particular bands of moisture should work their way eastward by mid-day Wednesday leaving the afternoon mostly dry for central and western Montana. The beginning to Thursday should stay mostly dry as well, before we see a large opportunity for moderate to heavy rain with a few thunderstorms across the state. Friday should be a lull in the wet pattern before Saturday through Monday look pretty wet with temperatures in the low 70s. Tuesday rain continues but as a front moves through the state, we'll drop temperature highs to the mid 50s here in Central Montana, allowing snow levels to drop as well, possibly as low as 5000 feet. As always: A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.
Be nice to each other.
- Meteorologist Trey Tonnessen -