Refreshing Rain & Seasonable Setting

Refreshing Rain & Seasonable Setting
Posted at 7:51 AM, Sep 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 10:13:31-04

After a long and notable weather week in Montana, we'll be ending the workweek and weekend with a gift from mother nature. Several low pressure systems will undercut the backside of westerly and southwesterly flow. This will allow the development and continuation of rainfall plus isolated thunderstorms throughout the weekend. Friday, rainfall will be spread across southwestern and central Montana allowing for moderate to even some heavy rain in areas. As the low pressure system moves towards the east, it appears that the rain and thunderstorms are trending towards a more linear system. This QLCS (quasi-linear-convective-system) or squall line as they were known back in the day, will also provide an increased opportunity for heavy rain in eastern and southeastern Montana, prompting some flash flooding concerns. Saturday's afternoon low pressure system rolls in from the southwest and follows a similar path, but should stay more to the south, robbing areas around Great Falls and north, of rain. Sunday a slightly more impactful low slides in a similar trajectory, provoking showers and thunderstorms. Monday will start more of a trend in the cooler direction as well as more rain and mountain snow for northwestern Montana. More great news for you on this Friday morning is that many of the areas seeing fires along Montana's western border and down to the southwest into Idaho, will see moderate to potentially heavy rain over the next few days. As always: A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.
Be nice to each other.
- Meteorologist Trey Tonnessen -