Spring Showers and Cooler Temperatures will carry us into Mid-Week!

Posted at 8:36 AM, Jun 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-15 11:58:18-04

A westerly flow will keep most of today dry, and mostly cloudy skies will take over portions of the state. The wind will howl at times, but it will not be as bad as Saturday's wind. The high temperatures for today will stay in the 60s for western Montana, the 60s & 70s for central Montana, and the upper 70s and 80s for eastern Montana. An area of low pressure will move in tonight and bring cooler temperatures, rain showers to the lower elevations, and snow will fall in the mountains. Tomorrow the temperatures will stay below average. The state temperatures will cool to the 50s and 60s, while eastern Montana temperatures will hold on to highs in the 70s and 80s. Rain, colder temperatures, mountain snow, and a chance for isolated thunderstorms will continue into Wednesday. Thursday, the sun will peek out at times, and the temperatures will slightly rebound, but will still stay below average.

Enjoy your day, and congratulations to all 2020 graduates🎓!