The ☀️ is Coming Out To Play!

Posted at 5:59 AM, Mar 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 07:59:25-04

Cloudy skies will be far behind us today because mostly sunny skies will invade the state. If you are going out today, you may want to grab your sunglasses along with a jacket. The temperatures will remain mild, but the wind will pick up, especially off the Northern Rocky Mountain Front. The high temperatures for today will slightly climb from yesterday's temperatures. Most of the state temperatures will trend in the '40s and low '50s, while areas in southwest Montana will struggle to reach the '40s. Friday's high temperatures will again stay in the '40s and low '50s, and the sun will remain out but will be accompanied by a few clouds. The temperatures will warm up into the weekend, and the wind will increase. Saturday, the state will be breezy, and the mountains will continue to get a mix of rain/snow showers. Sunday, the clouds will build, a few isolated showers will develop later in the day, and the winds will intensify. An isolated thunderstorm is not ruled out for Sunday. Overall this upcoming weekend looks like it will be similar to this past weekend, aside from mild snow showers (that will stay confined to the mountains) and gusty winds.

Enjoy your day,

Asia Raye😊