Warm weekend weather ahead

Posted at 8:08 AM, Sep 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-13 10:08:47-04

Happy Friday! Montana is ending the work week much differently than it began. Today, temperatures will be in the mid- to upper-70s, with moderate cloud cover. A small disturbance will move through northern Montana, causing the chance for isolated, spotty showers along the hi-line. This rain could stretch into the Great Falls area, but the chances are low. Either way, the disturbance will be brief, not causing many problems or accumulating much total precipitation.

Saturday, cloud cover will be heavy, but temperatures will stay in the mid-70s. By Sunday, temperatures will reach back into the 80-degree range. Warm and dry weather will continue into Monday before the next low-pressure system moves in, bringing cloudy and rainy weather mid-week.