Windy Wednesday!

Posted at 7:48 AM, Jul 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-08 14:20:26-04

Yesterday was the storm, and today is the calm. A tornado touched down near Winnet in Petroleum County and was confirmed by a local law enforcement. A brief tornado warning was issued for Glasgow but quickly expired. Baseball size hail fell near Judith Gap, and blustery winds blew across the state, especially along the Hi-Line. The wind was gusting at 90mph at times.

Today will be less active, but will still be windy. The wind will be gusting up to 60mph, especially in areas across north-central and northeast Montana. A few showers will linger along the Hi-Line, and the passage of yesterday's cold front has caused today's temperatures to remain below average. Most of the state temperatures will stay in the 70s aside from a few place in eastern Montana temperature will stay in the low 80s.

Tomorrow the sun will return, the wind will subside, and the temperatures will warm back into the 80s.

Friday morning, a cold front will pass and bring showers and a few isolated thunderstorms to portions of north-central during the morning.

Saturday and Sunday summer conditions will return back to the state. With the temperatures warming again, the low humidity, and gusty winds at times, fire danger can become a concern.

Enjoy your day,

A.R. 😊