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Woman says she mistakenly tipped more than $7,000 for Subway sandwich

Vera Conner filed a claim with her credit card company, letting them know that the sandwich was only $7.54.
Woman says she mistakenly tipped more than $7,000 for Subway sandwich
Posted at 12:09 PM, Nov 21, 2023

A woman in Georgia has spent about a month trying to get her money back after accidentally paying $7,112.98 for an Italian sandwich at Subway.  

Vera Conner told NBC News that the accident happened when she was attempting to type her phone number on the screen for loyalty rewards points. She said at some point it must have changed to the tip screen without her realizing. 

"When I looked at my receipt, I was like oh my God!" Conner told NBC News. "I thought, this number looks familiar — it was the last six numbers of my phone number."

The simple mistake apparently hasn't been easy to resolve. 

Conner said she contacted her credit card company to tell them the sandwich was really only $7.54. She filed a claim on the $7,112.98 charge, but was reportedly denied. 

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Conner told NBC News that the manager at Subway said their hands were tied and the bank would have to submit the chargeback. 

Bank of America reportedly told Conner that her initial claim was denied because she submitted for the entire amount and she was still responsible for the $7.54 sandwich. 

After about a month, NBC News reports that Bank of America applied a temporary credit to Conner's account on Monday as it works through the claim. 

The entire situation has undoubtedly been frustrating for Conner. 

"I'm even getting mad at the bank because I'm like how did they not think $7,000 was suspicious at Subway," she said. 

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