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Your dog could make $100 an hour promoting peanut butter

Your dog could make $100 an hour promoting peanut butter
Posted at 2:45 PM, Aug 17, 2023

If you have a furry friend that has a love for peanut butter and trying new treats, there’s a chance they could earn some cold hard cash just for enjoying a snack.

Honest Paws, a company that sells pet wellness products, is looking for a few Canine Ambassadors for its CBD-infused peanut butter. The chosen pups will promote the peanut butter at dog-friendly venues, all while making $100 per hour.

If chosen, your pet will represent the brand at local dog parks, events and pet stores, plus star in live treat-tasting shows so all the other dogs in attendance can see how to “sit, stay and savor” the peanut butter. Your furry friend will also need to “review” the peanut butter and give reviews from their friends.

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To be considered for the gig, your dog must have a love for humans and other dogs, social skills, a love for treats, the ability to “keep your cool when a squirrel runs by” and, of course, a human that can accompany them to all of the necessary events.

Job benefits include $100 per hour compensation, making new friends, fun days at the dog park and an “endless” supply of Honest Paws Peanut Butter. All dogs and breeds are welcome to apply now through Sept. 1. Simply visit Honest Paws’ website and tell them why your dog should be chosen.

Honest Paws

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If your dog has never had Honest Paws’ CBD Peanut Butter, you can order some online for them to try first just in case they’re chosen for the job. Each 1-ounce pouch is infused with 10mg of CBD, which can soothe anxiety and symptoms like shaking, panting and barking.

While some peanut butter ingredients are not safe for dogs, Honest Paw’s is both soy- and xylitol-free, so it is safe for them to enjoy.

Would your pup make a great Canine Ambassador for Honest Paws?

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