Fort Harrison debuts new Holistic Health and Wellness Center

Fort Harrison debuts new Holistic Health and Wellness Center
Posted at 6:40 PM, Oct 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-25 20:40:35-04

HELENA, MT — When it comes to the military, it's no secret that service members often times face harsh conditions, even when they are training. But Fort Harrison in Helena is helping address that problem with the introduction of their new Holistic Health and Wellness Center.

For 2d Lt. James Jezyk who serves as the Holistic Health and Wellness Coordinator for the State of Montana, he says now having access to a building outside of the elements is a game changer for soldiers doing their required Army Combat Fitness Tests (ACFT).

“It has been really valuable for the state of Montana because of the weather so you can get out of the elements and you can focus more on your performance instead of staying warm,” Jezyk said.

The biggest difference this building makes is streamlining the logistics of the test, since the army recently updated the ACFT with different events, requiring more fitness equipment. But that's not the only purpose the building is going to serve according to Major Ryan Finnegan.

“In addition to the physical component, there is also mental health, spiritual health, sleep," Finnegan said. "This facility bases the experts in those, the resources in a single place so soldiers and airmen know they can come here and get access to their health.”

The facility will also provide a space to conduct classes on strength training, yoga, meal preparation, nutrition and more.

Jezyk says he plans to lead by example to help inspire others to take advantage of all the resources offered.

"..By getting junior leadership involved in the programs, other soldiers can kind of see it is not weird or scary and that they can do it too,” he said.