Funds being raised for man who lost home and dog to fire

burnt down trailer.png
Posted at 3:23 PM, Mar 04, 2023

HELENA — Chuck Thennis lost his home and his beloved dog Cinnamon when a fire broke out in his trailer on February, 20th.

When Thennis arrived home, he opened his door and was met with a wall of flames.

When he found out Cinnamon was still in the trailer, he tried to rescue her, but the smoke and heat from the flames were too strong.

"Got home about a little afternoon and went up and opened the front door to the house to the camper and the cold air rushed in and a fireball came back to my face," said Thennis.

Thennis sustained burns to his face and upper body and was forced outside the trailer, and he's still recovering.

"Second and third-degree burns. They were worried I was going to lose the ear. Now, they're not as worried about that. But. Well, you know, it's I still have a couple, few more doctor's appointments ahead of me so far," said Thennis.

When Ashley Drain, Thennis' general manager at Comfort Suites, heard the news, she and, Assistant Manager Elina Thiele, started a GoFundMe asking members of the community to support Thennis in his recovery.

Thennis has dressed as Santa during the holiday season for many years in Helena, and his friends and co-workers wanted there to be a way the community could give back to some who has spread so much joy locally over the years.

"We tried to get it out as quickly and fast as possible to help chuck out. He been a long-time employee and we care about our employees," said Thiele.

Companies in the Helena area are also helping Thennis in his time of need.

"Well, you know, housing's a factor. So I'm looking at that and, you know, working with the Good Samaritan and Red Cross at the beginning when the day after it happened, Red Cross reached out right away so that I had a lot of clothes donated already," said Thennis.

And with everything that's happened, Thennis is thankful for everyone who's helped him so far.

"I'm really thankful. You know, we have a very generous and very kind community, and that's important," said Thennis.

$4,520 have been raised on Thennis' GoFundMe page since its posting on February, 22nd in their goal to raise $10,000.

To contribute to Thennis' GoFundMe page, click the link here.