Helena Public Schools holds ceremony for the graduating class of 2023

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Posted at 5:45 PM, Jun 03, 2023

HELENA — On Saturday, students, family, friends, and faculty from Capital and Helena High School gathered at Carroll College's PE Center for their graduation ceremonies where over 500 Capital and Helena High School students received their high school diplomas.

The day began with Capital High Schools Graduation, where after the ceremony, graduated seniors, like Connor Bushnell, are still processing that they are a graduate.

"It's mostly shock. I think I'll start feeling it in probably an hour, but a lot of pride. I'm really proud of what I've done. I'll be sad to see a lot of my friends for the last time, but like I said in my speech, it's the start of a new chapter," said Bushnell.

Graduated senior Taylon Marsh, explains that he's grateful for all that Capital High gave him and is ready for what's ahead.

"Just spread my own wings and getting to do my own things. I mean, that's what all my friends and me have been talking about. Just getting to go live by myself and meet new people and experience new things in life," said Marsh.

Marsh will attending Montana State University next year and will be playing football for the Bobcats.

Helena High School's graduation ceremony followed shortly after, and graduated senior Maya Goetz, she's been looking forward to this moment for a while.

"I'm kind of really excited. Like, I've been honestly looking forward to like graduating and honestly, like doing my own stuff, 'senioritis' is kind of hitting, since like honestly sophomore or junior year," said Goetz.

For graduated Helena High senior, Taylor Hicks, having everyone together to celebrate her academic achievements made this milestone much more special.

"It was nice. It's been a while since me, my family, have actually, like, come together and stuff, said Hicks, "So it's a good reunion to have everyone together, everyone cheering."

Hicks is in the Army National Guard and will be attending Montana State University in the fall.

Capital High School had a total of 300 graduating seniors while Helena High School had 202.