"Man Up Crusade" raising awareness about domestic violence

man up crusade night coming back to helena
Posted at 5:43 PM, Jun 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-23 11:44:14-04

HELENA — The Man Up Crusade is a national non-profit that spreads awareness about domestic violence, and organizations around the Helena area, put together events to help promote their mission.

"I think we need to have all the help we can get. It's a problem that faces everybody in every place. The more people that we can have involved, the more aware of this kind of a thing, the better," said Brent Colbert Lewis and Clark County Undersheriff.

One in four women and one in nine men experience severe intimate partner physical violence according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence's webpage.

The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office, The YWCA, The Helena Exchange Club, and the Last Chance Stampede teamed up with the organization to bring the "Man Up Crusade Night" back to Helena.

"I'm incredibly honored to be asked to be part of the Man Up Crusade. I think the awareness around domestic and sexual assault really is unparalleled in our community," said Jenifer Gursky the YWCA Executive Director.

Man Up Crusade Night was first introduced last year, and one of the new organizations joining this year is the YWCA.

"They [YWCA] were on board right away, happy to be a part of this thing, willing to help. That's the biggest thing. As everybody probably knows, we're volunteers. You need to have a lot of people, yeah, you may get a few people that want to help you. They're bringing a lot of people that want to help. So that's very refreshing," said Colbert.

Donations raised during Man Up Crusade Night will benefit the YWCA.

"Everybody here is volunteering, even if it's like it's an extra to their job, or an extra like at the exchange club, volunteering in this civic organization and knowing that our community steps up every single time that they are asked, almost from any nonprofit, but especially YWCA, Helena, that is the pure empowerment model," said Gursky.

Man Up Crusade Night raises awareness, and money, for groups that help victims and survivors of domestic violence through events, like a belt buckle raffle and a 50/50 drawing. The Helena Exchange Club will also donate all their tips that night to the YWCA.

Friday night of the Last Chance Stampede will be the "Man Up Crusade" night.