Montana artist showcases 'Transcend' exhibit at the Holter Museum of Art

Posted at 5:11 PM, Jan 20, 2023

HELENA — Rae Senarigi is a transgender, nonbinary, cancer survivor whose passion is the arts. Rae tells stories through art representing the transgender and non-binary community, and his exhibit Transcend, will be on display in Helena this Friday.

Senarigi, born and raised in Missoula, began creating art at an early age.

His mother, also an artist, encouraged and inspired Senarigi.

"I started using really vibrant, you know, rainbow colors way back then. And then this work specifically, you know, I've carried that through because it has extra meaning to me at this point. You know, the LGBTQI community uses the rainbow flag, you know, to indicate the diversity that that, you know, this umbrella includes," said Senarigi.

Senarigi found renewed meaning and purpose in his art following a cancer diagnosis which pushed him to keep creating.

"Surviving cancer to kind of it was like a wake-up call. Like even though I didn't know what I wanted to make, I knew I needed to get into the studio and make out even if it was for 10 minutes a day, which is the commitment that I made to myself after surviving that to just go in there and make art," Senarigi.

Senarigi's now brought his art back to his home state of Montana where it will be displayed at the Holter Museum of Art here in Helena as part of the Transcend exhibit.

Also opening Friday is Transilence, featuring the work of nine other transgender, nonbinary, and two spirit artists from in and around Montana.

The exhibit is in partnership with Transvisibile Montana.

"I'm excited to share this space. And my artwork is in the in the this box gallery. But there's nine other artists from and around Montana who've all brought their artwork. And I'm excited to see their artwork and to get to meet them tomorrow night at the art reception," said Senarigi.