Photos: Carroll College hosts Class of 2020 and 2021 graduation ceremonies

2021 Carroll College Grad
2021 Carroll College Grad
2021 Carroll College Grad
2021 Carroll College Grad
2021 Carroll College Grad
Posted at 2:45 PM, May 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-15 16:45:28-04

HELENA — It’s that time of year where students celebrate their college accomplishments with a graduation ceremony, and begin their careers. However, for many of these students wearing their cap and gowns, they started their careers in 2020.

“I’ve been working full time at Shodair Children’s Hospital,” says one graduating student.

“I actually joined the Air Force and I’m working on getting into a pilot slot,” says another student.

Carroll College postponed the 2020 graduation ceremony due to the pandemic, until 2021. Nearly 50% of the 2020 class returned a year later to make graduation official. The 2020 Student Body President says it is a unique opportunity.

“It's like a reunion. I think it's less emotional than [2020], but it feels really good to close the chapter and be able to see all my friends a year later,” says Emma Nylin, a graduate of the Class of 2020. “People don't really get that experience usually."

Carroll College allowed up to six guests per student to watch the ceremony at Nelson Stadium. They also had live streaming for those that couldn't attend. Students felt grateful they can finally close this chapter of their lives with their friends in person.

“I had a ton of friends in the actual senior class I graduated with that I missed and I felt it was my responsibility to come back and see them," says Trevor Martian, Class of 2020.

The Class of 2021 also graduated with over 200 students participating in a separate ceremony.

In total, nearly 400 students participated in their graduation ceremony.