Some community members frustrated as snow continues to fall in the spring season

Helena April Snow Storm
Posted at 8:11 AM, Apr 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-21 12:27:06-04

HELENA — Winter weather returned to the Helena area, with snow on Thursday quickly piling up and creating headaches across the area.

We've all heard the term, April showers bring May flowers, right? But what does getting snow in April bring?

While the answer may not be as exciting as flowers lots of people MTN spoke with around the greater Helena area are not happy with continuous counts of snowfall in April.

"I am so over it. I'm over it the second it hits the ground," said Morgan Burckhard who's lived in Helena for 17 years. "Snow started in October and it's still going on and then it would get warm. so you think it's over and then it's not."

Long-time Helena resident Max Jensen also told MTN that he's also never seen this much snow this late in the spring season.

"Not this late. not this late. I've been in Helena for 33 years and I haven't seen it this late," said Jensen.

But as Curtis Grevenitz will tell you, it can snow every month of the year in Big Sky Country.

Jensen is also the owner of Dig It Solutions. which works outdoors in the conditions. While he's frustrated with the snow accumulation in general, it's also messing with his work.

"Very frustrating, trying to find high ground, stay out of the mud because we're in a dirt work business. So it is frustrating," said Jensen.

The Helena Area wasn't the only place hit with a blanket of snow this late in the season with York also seeing significant impacts this week.

Bartender at The York Bar, Kyle Kottas, said while he did expect snowfall from weather alerts, he was still caught off guard by the amount of snow they got, and with it sticking.

Following the snowfall, Kottas found that business was slow, and believes you only have to look outside to see the reason, but that's Montana for you, from sunshine to snow in a matter of days.