Work underway to clear tree debris after windstorm

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Posted at 5:46 PM, Nov 07, 2022

HELENA — The city of Helena got hit hard by Saturday's storm. The storm uprooted trees and damaged properties that some people are still working to clean up and repair.

"I put in probably 4 hours yesterday and several hours today so far. And I have little more to go, so," said home resident Travis Alquist.

This is how long it's taking Almquist to get rid of the fallen tree in his yard on Saturday.

"My neighbor texted me and sent me some pictures and said the tree had fallen down. So I asked them if it was in the street or blocking anything, and they said no. So I, uh, started taking care of it when I got back on Sunday," said Alquist

According to the city, at least ten city trees fell in by the wind, but there were many more across private and county property. The wind toppled trees from Carroll College to Forestvale Cemetery.

Almquist tells MTN that neighbors and friends have been a big help.

"I had a friend. Um, help me on Saturday, and we were chopping things up. And, uh, one of the other neighbors just happened to wander by and helped us for a couple of hours. And then my other neighbor, uh, is helping me today as well, so just, uh, a lot of good help," said Alquist.

There is also concern with broken and hanging limbs from trees that could still fall from the weight of the snow.

City crews have been working to ensure public safety first and foremost.

"I've heard of a bunch of them going down. And I know everyone I've talked to that's had one has had a lot of people to help them out, which is awesome," Alquist.

For damaged city trees, residents can call 406-447-8426 and leave a message if no one answers. Requests can also be submitted using the MyHelena app. Privately owned trees must be cleaned up and branches removed by the property owner.