Horse Gulch Fire Still Burns with More Favorable Fire Conditions Today

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Posted at 8:20 AM, Jul 10, 2024

A HEAT ADVISORY continues for the Lower Clark Fork and Kootenai/Cabinet Regions of Western Montana through 11 PM tonight.

A HEAT ADVISORY has been issued for eastern Montana from 9 AM Thursday through 11 PM Thursday.



The Horse Gulch Fire is still burning as of this morning. It will be very hot and dry in Helena with temperatures likely eclipsing the triple digits. There will also be a slight northwest breeze.

What we know about the Horse Gulch Fire.

The fire first started yesterday around 1:32 PM to the south of York and to the north of Canyon Ferry. Current estimates have about 168 total acres burned so far and 0% contained, but that update was from around 8:30 last night. We are still awaiting a morning update from the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest.

Here's what we do know. The fire was human caused and the York Volunteer Fire Department is the main firefighting force on the ground. Helicopters have been dispatched to help with the efforts.

The York Volunteer Fire Department asks that you avoid Jimtown Road until further notice. That is the main road they are using to transport supplies and firefighters to the burned location. I would recommended avoiding that area at all, as air quality is not the best right now.

There is also anther small wildfire sparked on private land just to the east of MacDonald Pass along Highway 12. We received a 7:30 AM update on this one and the burned acreage is now up to 2. No other information is available at this time.

Conditions still remain favorable for wildfires across the state for foreseeable future, as not much moisture will be present for the following couple of weeks. Additionally, extremely hot temperatures are forecasted to stick around until at least the end of July.

The current temperature outlook for that brings us to July 23rd gives Montana the best chance in the whole country to see above average temperatures.

The triple digits are likely today and tomorrow for a good portion of the state. Be safe in this heat and make sure to drink plenty of water if you are outdoors.

Helena Temperature Records Today:
High: 102 (1973)
Low: 42 (1946)
AVG: 85/54

Great Falls Temperature Records Today:
High: 105 (1973)
Low: 42 (1999)
AVG: 83/51

Be safe from the heat!
Joey Biancone

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