Intense Thunderstorms Expected for Central and Eastern Montana

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Posted at 8:00 AM, Jun 27, 2024

Dangerous severe thunderstorms are expected for the eastern half of the state today. Large hail, damaging wind gusts, and a few tornadoes are all on the table.

An already active morning will become even more electric as the day progresses. Several thunderstorms shook the Helena area early in the morning. We will likely see more storms before the morning is over.

All modes of severe weather are possible today. With gusts of over 60 MPH and hail > 2" in diameter are likely.

This is our most significant severe weather day of the year so far for the state, and this is coming off a system last Friday that brought multiple strong supercells to north central Montana.

A level 3/5 (enhanced risk) has been issued for a good majority of eastern Montana. Dew points in the upper 50s to even low 60s. Steep atmospheric lapse rates, or how rapidly temperature decreases with height, and a decent amount of wind shear, or how wind direction and speed change with height, are all sufficient enough to have all modes of severe weather expected.

Significant severe weather expected for Glasgow, Miles City, and Glendive today.

The days starts off with an isolated severe threat near Helena and Butte. A few strong gusts of wind and some small hail are possible through the late morning hours. The cold front will pass us pretty early in the day, eliminating our potential for severe weather this afternoon.

The storms with the strongest wind and hail potential will start to form shortly after noon. Areas like Glendive and Miles City have a higher potential to see rotating thunderstorms, which could spawn a couple of tornadoes.

Monsoonal moisture from the desert southwest being transported to Montana will keep dew points high and severe weather likely today.

The severe weather threat for eastern Montana should be over by 9-10 PM as the cold front exits the state. Storms will last overnight into the western Dakota's.

As the low to our north makes its way out of the state. There will be a northwest wind on Friday that will likely produce some up-slope precipitation for the north-central plains. Rain will continue to decrease as the day progresses.

A brief dry and warm day on Saturday will be followed by the return of stormy weather on Sunday. The storminess lasts into the beginning of next week.

Helena Temperature Records Today:
High: 103 (2015)
Low: 37 (1951)
AVG: 79/51

Great Falls Temperature Records Today:
High: 101 (1936)
Low: 37 (1951)
AVG: 77/48

Stay safe in the severe storms! Have a way to receive warnings!
Joey Biancone

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