Stormy Day Ahead for Western Montana

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Posted at 9:21 AM, May 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-14 11:28:32-04

A Flood Advisory continues for Belt Creek through 9 PM Tonight.


Showers and thunderstorms once again possible today for much of western Montana. Numerous storms will develop in the plains in the early afternoon and travel south into the higher terrain through nighttime hours. After our morning showers, we will see decreasing cloud cover throughout the day. This will allow the sun to poke though and provide energy to fuel storm development.

Storms will bring quick downpours and lightning, as well as isolated wind gusts.

Just as quick as the cooler temperatures arrived, they are gone with the return of the 70s tomorrow. Most of the state will be dry. Just a couple of showers along the Hi-Line associated with a disturbance in southern Canada.

Another dry and warm day is in store on Thursday. The high in Helena will be approaching 80 in Helena. Most of the state will be in the mid to upper 70s. Mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies will make for a beautiful day.

On Friday, another cold front makes its way through the state. Gusty wind, thunderstorms, and high elevation mountain snow are possible. We will stay stormy and unsettled through the weekend with temperatures dropping back below normal into the low to mid 60s.

A severe-warned storm around sunset near Glasgow yesterday. Scenes like this will be possible in western Montana today.

Helena Temperature Records Today:
High: 88° (1936)
Low: 25° (1995)
AVG: 66/41

Great Falls Temperature Records Today:
High: 95° (1936)
Low: 26° (2004)
AVG: 64/38

Have a great Tuesday!
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