The 70s Return Briefly Before A Wet Weekend.

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Posted at 5:45 PM, Apr 23, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-23 19:54:09-04

Most of the State will exceed 70° tomorrow before our next major weather system arrives over the weekend. A dumping of rain is expected in most of the mountainous terrain on Friday and Saturday.

A warm and mostly windless day across the state today will give way to more warming tomorrow. High pressure is fully in place over Big Sky Country and will remain through he day tomorrow. Temperatures will drop into the 30s tonight and will warm up quite significantly in the daytime hours tomorrow.

Wednesday will likely be the warmest day we will have for a while. The 70s return once again. We will have increasing cloud cover with the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms in the southwest. There is a chance one or two storms make it as far north as Helena, but at this time it seems unlikely. Most of us will stay dry. Wind will also return with some strong gusts possible along the Rocky Mountain Front.

The 70s return tomorrow for most of the state, along with some breezy conditions in western Montana.

A cold front pushes through the state on Thursday. This front will mostly bring a changing wind direction and cool temperatures back into the 60s. Rain seems likely for southern portions of the state. But Helena and Great Falls should stay mostly dry.

The weekend will be cooler and wetter. A strong trough builds into the region and will bring some unsettled weather. A heavy amount of rainfall is expected. Up to half and inch of rain in the Helena Valley on Friday and Saturday. Snow is expected for elevations higher than 6,000 feet. A lot of the state will have highs only in the 40s and 50s.

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Current drought conditions across the state. Our rain this weekend will help ease conditions in the west.

Scattered to isolated storms and showers will last through the beginning of next week. Gusty conditions return on Monday and Tuesday as well. We could see gusts well over 30 MPH in Helena and Great Falls. Keep tuning in for updates on this.

Helena Temperature Records Today:
High: 83° (2012)
Low: 14° (1931)
AVG: 59/34

Great Falls Temperature Records Today:
High: 84° (2012)
Low: 16° (1931)
AVG: 57/31

Have a great Thursday!
Joey Biancone

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